Sunday, 15 January 2012

Master Marcus

I have been on TV chix for several years, looking to meet a REAL MAN / MASTER / OWNER with various degrees of success, mainly as I mentioned before getting correspondence from MEN posing as MASTERS, who are really switches, TV's or CD's. I hope they read this to find out what a REAL MAN/MASTER really is.

I could tell the time wasters easily, they usually started out by calling me Candice/love/darling/or sexy girl, something a MASTER would never do, then asking me what clothes i'm wearing, or the absolutely classic chix/birchplace line which I am sure every girl has heard...
"Can i meet you tonight?"
or to be more precise,
"wna fk, cn i meet u 2nite?" 
Of the ones i have met, I can usually tell within minutes of them arriving that they are not ready to take charge, especially when they ask ME what i like.

Among the numerous messages i get on TV chix, one stood out, it stated that he likes to see mincing sissy's, dancing around, being a queen around him and that he was dominant, i was taken with this, the description of a sissy mincing was spot on. I supplied my e mail address, and respectfully requested that he contact me, to discuss my suitability as his sissy.

I was surprised and honoured to recieve his email the next day telling me about himself, he is 32 years old, a big strong REAL MAN, who likes mincing sissies, like me, enjoys tying and gagging his sissy and spanking.

I respectfuly replied and told him i was a well trained mincing sissy, who is respectful, obedient and eager to please as a sex slave.

He sent his photo, and i must say that my knees were trembling when i saw the handsome, tall, muscular REAL MAN, who also looked the ideal MASTER for me. We exchanged emails and i learned that he would NEVER consider dressing up, for he is a REAL MAN,WONDERFULL!!!!!! and he would expect to have his cock sucked and to spank me, WONDERFULL!!!!!!!

I respectfully broached the subject of whether i would be ass fucked, and back came the reply that turned my sissy knees to jelly...
"I most certainly will be fucking you, and you are going to love it, and thank me for it is that clear?". oh my, sooo dominant.
Then doubts began creeping in,why would such a handsome MASTER choose me, when he can have any sissy he wants? Why would he want a sissy ten years older than him? I felt deflated, I broached the subject of my doubts, and his reply reassured me, he liked older sissies for their experience, and he thought I was an attractive sissy, who would serve him well, I was walking on air...!!!

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